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4 Days Cultural and Natural Exploration in Kham Tibetan Area

4 Days Cultural and Natural Exploration in Kham Tibetan Area

Age: 8+ Child with Family, 11+ alone

Date: July 18th-21st, 2022 Trip Code: CT003

Guide: Bella Zhang

Price: 499USD/pax

Trip Focus: Tibetan Culture + Astro-observation + Alpine Wildlife

Route: Chengdu-Kangding-Xinduqiao-Bamei-Chengdu

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Located within Hengduan Mountain Range, the Khampa Tibetan area involves Sichuan, Tibet AR, Qinghai, and Yunnan provinces. Kangding is located in the transitional area between West Sichuan Plateau and Chengdu Plain. The unique geological environment has nurtured spectacular natural scenery here including habitats such as alpine meadows, deserts, and numerous unique wildlife and plants living in high elevation areas. Culturally speaking, Kangding is on the eastern edge of the Khampa Tibetan area and inter-influenced area by Tibetan and Han Chinese Culture.


Tibetan Family Houses

During this exploration camp, we will go via Kangding to the depth of West Sichuan Plateau, where we will search for unique alpine plants and wildlife. In Moshi Stone Forest Park, we will enjoy the magnificence and splendor of the natural wonders made of stones, and learn how the karst on the plateau was formed. Under a starry sky, we will get to know the Summer Triangle namely Altair, Vega, and Deneb, and look for Polaris. In Xingduqiao, which is known as the paradise for the photographers, we will immerse ourselves in the beautiful scenery formed by blue sky, white clouds, and alpine grasslands. On Tagong Grasslands, we will enjoy a great view of the Yala Snow-capped Mountain if the weather is good. In Bamei, we will pay a visit to the most beautiful Tibetan houses and monasteries to understand the local customs and daily lives of local Tibetans to experience different cultural environments.


A Glimpse of Kangding City Proper

Trip Targets

1. Learn how to observe:Observe the high-elevation plants and wildlife and understand their surviving strategies to cultivate and practice our awareness of environmental protection;

2. Enrich cultural experience:Visit local Tibetan families and monasteries to understand Tibetan Buddhism in the Khampa Tibetan area and the impact of Chinese culture on local Tibetan architecture and traditions;

3. Apply our theories into practice:Observe the starry sky with our naked eyes and study the real local situation, and apply the astronomical and geological knowledge we have learned from books in a real situation;

4. Foster interests through games:Through various interesting natural experimental programs and games, we will cultivate and keep your curiosity and exploration power.


A panorama view of Huiyuan Monastery

Trip Highlights

1. A journey for alpine plants:We will search for a 400-year-old Magnolia tree and learn about the surviving strategies of alpine flowers;

2. A journey to observe the starry sky in summer:Stargaze in Baimei, we will search for the bright stars in summer such as Polaris, and the Summer Triangle. We will also learn different names given to the same star by China and the western world, and study ancient poems that give a vivid description of the bright stars;

3. A journey to discover alpine birds:Watching plateau birds in Erdaoqiao and look for birds such as Chinese Babax and Brown-breasted Bulbul with a chance to encounter star birds like Himalayan Vulture and Lady Amherst's Pheasant;

4. A journey to experience Khampa Tibetan culture:You will experience Tibetan culture in a series of programs including enjoying the beautiful scenery of Tagong grasslands, visiting beautiful Tibetan family houses and the hometown of a living Buddha, tasting cactus fruits, and devouring the delicious mushroom hotpot.


Himalayan Vulture


Tagong Grassland and Tagong Monastery



 Tour Map

Day 1:Kangding Magnolia Tree and Red Rock Beach Scenery.

In the morning, we board our tour bus in the designated place in Chengdu with in-bus ice-breaking activities. Upon arrival at Luding around lunchtime, we enjoy a delicious lunch in a local popular restaurant in Luding, followed by a visit to the Luding Chained Bridge and optional cactus tasting time.

In the afternoon, we head on to Yaojinping to see Kangding Magnolia Tree before we drive to Yajiageng to learn how the red rock beach was formed, en route we will enjoy alpine plants and birds.

In the evening, we arrive at Kangding, where we will enjoy a sumptuous mushroom soup hotpot. After dinner, we go to bed to ensure we have enough sleep so that we can adapt to the plateau environment.



The Yajiageng Red Rock Beach

Day 2:Flower-watching at Zheduoshan Mountain Pass and visit Tagong Grassland.

In the morning, we will witness the Tibetan tradition of practicing Wind-and Horse prayer flags, and see other Tibetan elements. After climbing over the Zheduo Mountain Pass, we will search for alpine plants, observe, and learn their unique skills evolved to adapt to the plateau environment.

In the afternoon, we will drive past Xinduqiao, which is known as the paradise for the photographers, and enjoy the unique Khampa scenery. After that, we will drive on to Tagong Grasslands, which means a place favored by Buddha. We will have a chance to encounter Himalayan Griffon, Red-billed Chough, and herds of Yaks. After walking past Tagong Monastery, we can get a great look at the grand Yala Snow-capped Mountain.

In the evening, we arrive at Bamei Village. After dinner at a local popular restaurant, we will start our stargazing program. We will try to find the Milky Way and Polaris with our naked eyes, and recognize the bright stars commonly seen in summers such as the Summer Triangle and Antares.

Overnight: Bamei Village.


Delphinium tatsienense


▲ Xinduqiao Scenery

Day 3:Visit Monastery and Tibetan Families in Bamei & Explore Moshi Stone Forest Geological Park.

In the morning, we pay a visit to the beautiful Tibetan houses in Bamei, find the architectural differences between agricultural and nomadic areas before we visit Huiyuan Monastery, where one Dalai Lama was born in history, to understand the history and culture of Tibetan Buddhism.

In the afternoon, we return to Kangding via Moshi Stone Forest Park, where we can appreciate the spectacular karst formation on the plateau and learn the geological phenomenons forged by an exogenic geological process like erosion and denudation. In the evening, individuals sharing on certain topics.

Overnight: Kangding New Town.


The jagged rocks of grotesque shapes in Moshi Stone Forest Park

Day 4:Search for birds and flowers in Erdaoqiao and visit Kangding wild mushroom market.

In the morning, we drive to Erdaoqiao to search for wildflowers including the beautiful Delphinium tatsienense Franch, and alpine birds including the star bird Lady Amherst's Pheasant. After that, we drive back to Kangding City to get to know the common edible wild mushroom at a local food market and feel the vitality of the local food and agriculture produce market.

In the afternoon, we will have a camp-closing ceremony before we take our safe journey back to Chengdu.


A Glimpse of Kangding Wild Mushroom Market


1606791218136273 (1).jpg

Bella Zhang

A bilingual nature teacher, culture interpreter, guide for birds and mammals

Being born and nurtured in a Bai family in Dali of Yunnan Province, Bella has shown strong love and curiosity toward nature at a young age thanks to the excellent ecological environment in her hometown. She joined our company after graduation from Sichuan Agriculture University and became a nature guide for ecotour trips, which were planned for nature and wildlife lovers from home and abroad. She is widely respected and loved by her clients because of her fluent English, profound knowledge, and great service. In the past five years, she has traveled to most places in Yungui Plateau, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and mountains in southwest China and built up her rich knowledge in the birds, animals, and cultural resources in these areas. She is happy and good at sharing her knowledge. She hopes to help both old and young travelers of ApandaTour to seek fun from nature and enjoy it, reconnect themselves with nature.

Dates & Prices

Location:Kangding and surrounding area

Trip Dates:The first trip July 18-21, the second July 23-26, the third July 28-31 in 2022

Target Participants:Family with children above 8 or only children above 11

Trip Size:10-20 pax, minimum 10 pax

Trip Price:499USD/pax, same price for children and adults

The price includes: the transportation starting from Chengdu and back, the services of teachers, service charges, meals during the trip, hotel stay, material preparation, and travel insurance

The price does not include: any expenditure of personal nature, and any items not specified as being included in the itinerary

About Binoculars:We provide one pair of binoculars for each participant to use for free


Hotels:3-star hotel or nice local guesthouse(one twin-bed room for one family, for children without a parent, arrange room-sharing according to the actual situation. In principle, we do not use one room for one single child. If parent hopes to use a single room, the single supplement is 99USD/pax).

Transportation:We use a registered tour bus for the whole trip.

Food:Local popular food with a balanced selection of meat and vegetable dishes for good nutrition.

Safety Measures:

1. All around process control and safety check before the start of the trip.

2. Staff with AHA first aid certificate and first aid kit during the whole trip.

3. Detailed rules and reminders for the trip and ensure all the participating parents and children know them.

4. Measures for epidemic prevention: we will prepare epidemic prevention materials such as surgery masks, pure alcohols, hand sanitizer, and thermometer. We will have a temperature check before the start of our trip activities.


What is the elevation range for this trip?

The trip covers Kangding city and the surrounding areas in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The sea elevation for the places we are going to visit is above 2,000 meters, with Kangding at 2,860 meters, and Bamei at 3,450 meters. The highest place we are going to pass on this trip is Zheduoshan Pass which is 4,298 meters above sea level.

What kind of special attention do we need to pay when we participate in activities in high elevation areas?

Though most of our nature exploration activities on this trip will happen in places with an elevation range between 2,000-3,000 meters, those participants who are sensitive to high elevations still need to seek suggestions from doctors for the preparation of medicines. Also, we should try our best to avoid high-intensity physical exercises, avoiding running and jumping while hiking. In high-elevation areas, the temperature gap is pretty big, so please make sure you have warm clothes and comfortable shoes to wear. For the inner layers, it is always advisable to have some moisture-wicking fabric to stay comfortable during the trip and make some necessary preparations for travel in high-elevation areas such as suncream, skin-care, and sunglasses during snow season.

What kind of backup plans you have made for this trip?

The teachers for this trip have rich experiences of guiding in high elevation areas. He will check the physical conditions of the participants regularly during this trip. We will have a vehicle and oxygen bottles standby at the closest possible place for the whole trip. If anyone does not feel good, we can always send him or her to the nearest hospital. We have balanced choices of food to ensure everyone enjoys the food with enough energy to adapt to the elevation change. The activities being planned to allow participants to have enough rest and sleep.

Can we see the starry sky during the trip?

One of the reasons we choose Xinduqiao as a stargazing location is that it is sunny in this area for most days of the year. Our teachers will closely follow the latest weather conditions before the departure of the trip, keep our participants updated. Despite this, please be well aware of the fact the weather forecasting for a small area is still a worldwide challenge, so there does exist, though small, a possibility that we can not see a starry sky during this trip. Please set the right expectations before you sign up for the trip.

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