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  • Why choose ApandaTour?

    The reasons for your choice of ApandaTour:

    1. Your rights and interests are fully protected. We are a registered travel company. Your rights and interests are fully protected by the Chinese laws.

    2. Immersion bilingual environment: travelling with a bilingual teacher with great convenience for your language learning.

    3. Multiple security measures: your travels are accompanied by maximum safety measures through multiple scouting, emergency plan, and insurance guarantee.

    4. A professional team of teachers: Guided by professional teachers who will interpret the sciences of different subjects in an interesting and easy-to-understand way.

    5. Capability-oriented systematic training: Well-designed courses given by teachers with their individual strong points effectively help improve the comprehensive capabilities of the participants.

    6. In-depth experiences in multiple fields: Based on your requirement, we will tailor-make your personal itinerary to enable you to enjoy it in your own preferred way.

    7. High-quality parent-child interaction: A great variety of parent-child interaction programs crafted to enhance parent-and-child communications, and foster an intimate relationship between children and parents.

  • What kind of organization is ApandaTour?

    ApandaTour is a department of Sichuan AbsoluteWild Travel Co., Ltd with a team of professionals dedicated to natural education, specializing in guiding students and families from home and abroad to enjoy nature, unveil nature and grow in nature. Guided by professional teachers, you have the opportunity to enjoy various forms of travel programs including observing nature, artistic creation, nature games, natural photography, adventures, farming life. Through these programs, you will learn from travel, understand from participation, enjoy the mystery and charm of nature, and eventually re-link yourself with nature after you release your pressure and invigorate your mind.

  • What kind of backup plans you have made for high elevation trip?

    The teachers for this trip have rich experiences of guiding in high elevation areas. He will check the physical conditions of the participants regularly during this trip. We will have a vehicle and oxygen bottles standby at the closest possible place for the whole trip. If anyone does not feel good, we can always send him or her to the nearest hospital. We have balanced choices of food to ensure everyone enjoys the food with enough energy to adapt to the elevation change. The activities being planned to allow participants to have enough rest and sleep.

  • What kind of special attention do we need to pay when we participate in activities in high elevation areas?

    Though most of our nature exploration activities on the trip will happen in places with an elevation range between 2,000~3,000 meters, those participants who are sensitive to high elevations still need to seek suggestions from doctors for the preparation of medicines. Also, we should try our best to avoid high-intensity physical exercises, avoiding running and jumping while hiking. In high-elevation areas, the temperature gap is pretty big, so please make sure you have warm clothes and comfortable shoes to wear. For the inner layers, it is always advisable to have some moisture-wicking fabric to stay comfortable during the trip and make some necessary preparations for travel in high-elevation areas such as suncream, skin-care, and sunglasses during snow season.

  • Do you have safety measures made for our trips?

    As an organization devoted to educational travel, ApandaTour attaches great importance to the safety of every trip. First, our teachers have been received safety training and have relative certificates. Second, we will scout before every trip to find out potential safety risks and address them prior to the trip starts. Third, we will make backup plans to ensure the safety of every trip. Fourth, we purchase high China domestic travel insurance. Fifth, we will arrange careful trip assistants in accordance with the trip size to further ensure trip safety.

  • Do you have age restrictions for participating in your activities?

    Our itineraries are crafted to meet the development of children at different ages and show it to target participants. You can always choose itineraries accordingly. So far the itineraries we have posted on our website are for children aged 6 or above. We are developing some trips for children of lower ages. If you need, please feel free to contact us directly, we can provide tailor-making services to you.

  • Why do we need to provide educational trips to students and families?

    ApandaTour believes education should not be restricted only to classes at school. Experimental learning outside school classes can bring lots of benefits to children. For the children who always live in the cities, they show less and less knowledge toward nature. Therefore, we hope to take children into nature, feel nature and link them with nature so that they can get a comprehensive improvement in knowledge, behavior, capabilities, and inter-personal actions.

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