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6 Days Exploring the Nature and Culture Resources in Dali

6 Days Exploring the Nature and Culture Resources in Dali

Age: 8+ Child with Family, 10+ alone

Date: Jan.10th-15th, 2024 Trip Code: CT001

Guide: Bella Zhang

Price: 982USD/pax

Trip Focus: Nature + Culture

Route: Chengdu-Dali-Weishan Ancient Town-Dali-Chengdu

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As a low latitude plateau and with a mild climate all year round, Dali city faces the famous Erhai Lake with Cangshan sitting behind. With lofty Mt. Cangshan lying to its west, Dali is known as a natural geological book formed in its 2 billion years of history with abundant wildlife and plant resources. The 18 streams coming from the 19 peaks in Cangshan flow into the beautiful plateau lake called Erhai, which is regarded by local Bai ethnic people as their mother lake. Countless generations of local people live in the areas around Erhai.


Mt. Cangshan in Dali

Serving as the capital of Nanzhao Kingdom and the Dali Kingdom in ancient times, Dali enjoys a long history and is dominated by Bai ethnic people in terms of demographic composition with rich ethnic culture, diversified religious belief, and a good number of unique villages featuring strong local ethnic culture.


▲ Erhai Lake in Dali

Guided by professional naturists, we will visit Mt. Cangshan, Erhai Lake, and explore how local people live harmoniously with their natural environment in a way of studying both the natural and cultural Dali.


▲ Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple

Our exploration trip starts from Dali Ancient Town, where we will appreciate the unique culture coming from over a thousand years of development in history. Our hike in Mt. Cangshan and stroll by the side of Erhai Lake will enable us to experience the ultimate beauty from the biodiversity created by the geological changing process for millions of years. Our cycling along Erhai Lake will bring us to some of the most beautiful farmlands and stunning scenery. At Zhoucheng town which is known as the Living Fossil of Bai ethnic customs, we will try traditional tie-dying. We will study the historical traces, traditional villages, and architectures built during Ming and Qing dynasties at Weishan ancient town known as the birthplace of Nanzhao Kingdom and Xizhou, which was a famous town along the Tea-and-Horse Trade Route.


 Plangi of Bai nationality in Zhoucheng ancient town

Trip Targets

1. Knowledge-obtaining from studying the history, and geography of Dali and the ethnic culture possessed by ethnic minorities including Bai people;

2. Interest cultivation through enjoying the natural exploration and learning how to watch birds;

3. Personal development from physical exercising, willpower cultivation and guidance on behavior, and courtesy;

4. Emotional communication to enhance the child-and-parent relation and cultivate teamwork.


 Lady Amherst's Pheasant--star bird species

Trip Highlights

1. Hike in Mt. Cangshan and natural exploration to learn about the geological evolution process of Hengduan Mountains, and study the natural environment in Mt. Cangshan;

2. Cycle along Erhai Lake, study the wetland ecological system, and observe the natural relation between the local residents and Mt. Cangshan and Erhai Lake;

3. Research on bird resources, and look for local star birds including Purple Swamphen, Lady Amherst's Pheasant, White-browed Fulvetta, and Bar-tailed Treecreeper;

4. Find out the secrets of Nanzhao culture with visits to Dali Ancient Town, Weishan Ancient Town, and Xizhou Ancient Town to gain an in-depth understanding of the customs and culture of local ethnic minorities including Bai, Hui, and Yi;

5. Study a variety of architecture of Nanzhao areas in different periods of Ming and Qing dynasties including family houses and monasteries;

6. This trip will be a journey of gourmet exploration.


 Dali Ancient Town



▲ Tour Map

Day 1: Get to know each other in Dali.

In the morning, for the participants from Chengdu, we can take a bullet train to Dali, enjoying the change of landform on Sichuan Basin and Yungui(Yunnan-Guizhou) Plateau from the window of a dashing bullet train. Upon arrival, we will ride a tour bus to our hotel and rest. For participants who arrive from other places, we will arrange pickup and transfer to our hotel.

Welcome dinner in the evening followed by the opening ceremony of the exploration camp.


 Scenery in Yunnan Guizhou Plateau

Day 2:Cultural exploration in Dali Ancient Town and Wetland bird-watching in wetlands by the Erhai Lake.

In the morning, we will focus our study on Dali Ancient Town for its history, geography, the layout of the ancient town, family houses of Bai ethnic people, and folk customs.

In the afternoon, we will drive to wetlands by the side of Erhai Lake to learn about the wetland ecological system, and how to do bird-watching. We will look for bird species including Purple Swamphen, Water Rail, Black Kite, and Grey-backed Shrike.

In the evening, we will have a night walk in the Dali Ancient Town.


 Grey-headed Swamphen --star bird species

Day 3:Natural and Geographical Study in Mt. Cangshan.

Whole day hike in Mt. Cangshan to experience the unique geographical and natural environment in Mt. Cangshan and look for star species of birds in this area.

In the evening, we will have a sum-up meeting followed by indoor themed games.


▲ Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler


▲ Black-browed Bushtit

Day 4:Explore Weishan Ancient Town and Bicycle-riding tour by the side of Erhai Lake.

In the morning, we head on to Weishan Ancient Town, which is regarded as the cultural birthplace of ancient Nanzhao Kingdom, to learn about the local ethnic architectures and customs, and taste unique dim sum special to Weishan area.

In the afternoon, we will have a cycling tour by the side of Erhai Lake and enjoy the typical countryside scenery typical to Yungui Plateau.

In the evening, we will have a sum-up meet followed by indoor themed games.


▲ Scenery along Erhai Lake


 Surrounding villages and farmland

Day 5:Experience traditional handicrafts of Bai ethnic people at Zhoucheng and study the ancient architecture in Xizhou Ancient Town.

In the morning, we drive to Zhoucheng, which is known as tie-dying village of Bai ethnic group to experience traditional tie-dying and visit local family houses and markets.

In the afternoon, we will visit Xizhou Ancient Town, which served as an important military fortress, to learn how the Bai-style architecture come to form in history with visits to architecture groups built in a different period in history including Ming, and Qing dynasties as well as the Republic of China era.

In the evening, we will have the closing ceremony of the exploration camp.


▲ Plangi in Zhoucheng

Day 6:Depart and go back home.

For participants from Chengdu, we will take a bullet train back to Chengdu and say goodbye to each other at the Chengdu train station.


1606791218136273 (1).jpg

Bella Zhang

A bilingual nature teacher, culture interpreter, guide for birds and mammals

Being born and nurtured in a Bai family in Dali of Yunnan Province, Bella has shown strong love and curiosity toward nature at a young age thanks to the excellent ecological environment in her hometown. She joined our company after graduation from Sichuan Agriculture University and became a nature guide for ecotour trips, which were planned for nature and wildlife lovers from home and abroad. She is widely respected and loved by her clients because of her fluent English, profound knowledge, and great service. In the past five years, she has traveled to most places in Yungui Plateau, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and mountains in southwest China and built up her rich knowledge in the birds, animals, and cultural resources in these areas. She is happy and good at sharing her knowledge. She hopes to help both old and young travelers of ApandaTour to seek fun from nature and enjoy it, reconnect themselves with nature.


Bill Zhang

A nature class designer, nature guide, and nature educator

Born in Zhangye of Gansu Province, Bill started his work in an NGO in China, specializing in children's education. He has a wide range of interests, loving bird-watching and enjoying board games. Bill is also familiar with video editing software. He likes making some creative and interesting video clippings with materials he has photographed during trips. After years of working in natural education, Bill becomes very skilled at class design and development. He has built up rich experiences of guiding outdoor activities from his frequent working in the field with students for natural experience and observation activities. He always makes use of any possible chance to go to nature in search of birds and wildlife to enrich his field experiences. Bill also holds AHA first-aid certificate.

Dates & Prices

Location:Dali and surrounding areas in Yunnan Province

Date:Jan. 10th-15th, 2024

Expected Participants:Children above 8 with a parent or Children above 10 without a parent

Trip Size:10-24, Minimum 10 participants

Price:982USD/pax(same price for children and adult)

The price includes: two-way transportation from Chengdu to Dali, bus rent during the trip, a hotel stay a twin-bed sharing basis, meals, teachers, materials needed for the program, and travel insurance

The price does not include: the personal expenses and items not mentioned as included in the trip itinerary


Hotel:Local 3-star hotel or unique family hotels.

Transportation:Normal seats for the bullet train ride from Chengdu to Dali and back to Chengdu. A tour bus will be rented for group activities during the trip.

Food:Local Dali food with a combination of choices including meat and vegetable dishes to gain balanced nutrition. We will also provide purified water and seasonal fruits during the trip.

Safety Measures:

1. All around process control drill and site check for potential safety problems before the start of our activities.

2. Staff with AHA first aid certificate and first aid kit during the whole trip. 

3. Detailed rules and reminders for the trip and ensure all the participating parents and children know.

4. Measures for epidemic prevention: we will prepare epidemic prevention materials such as surgery masks, pure alcohols, hand sanitizer, and thermometer. We will have a temperature check before the start of our trip activities.


For the bird-watching programs during the trip, are they suitable for participants without any bird-watching expereince?

Our nature guide team has rich experiences of guiding people to look for birds in nature. And we also have prepared binoculars and bird observation guide for our trip participants. So even for participants who have no experience of bird-watching before, they can easily enjoy the fun from bird-watching during the trip. We also hope to bring more people to nature and bird-watching.

How about the winter temperature in Dali? What kind of preparation do we need to make for this trip?

Even in winter, Dali still has warm days with abundant sunlight. The average temperature during winter in Dali is around 4-17℃, with lower temperatures in the morning and evening. So you need to bring some warm clothes and sun creams for strong sunlight during the midday. We will prepare a detailed departure guide and send to each of our participants 2 weeks prior to the start of the trip for better preparation of our participants.

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