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Half a Day Watching Migratory Birds in Nanguatan

Half a Day Watching Migratory Birds in Nanguatan

Age: 6+ Child with Family, 8+ alone

Date: Oct. 21rd, 2023 Trip Code: BW004

Guide: Bella

Price: 30USD/pax

Trip Focus: Observing migratory birds + nature games

Route: Chengdu urban district-Nanguatan-Chengdu urban district

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The migrant birds refer to those birds that migrate with the change of season. Due to factors like climate, temperature, food, and sunshine, some birds migrate between their breeding ground and wintering site in Spring and Autumn every year. Of the 8 migration routes, three routes are going through Sichuan. That makes Sichuan an important feeding ground and destination for migrant birds.


Spot-billed Duck——an winter migrant in Chengdu

Nanguatan, which is located along the River of Brocade between the third ring road and the fourth ring road, attracts numerous ducks, swans, plovers to come here for wintering thanks to its open and flat riverway, abundant fish, shrimp, and water grass. Thus it becomes a great site to find wintering birds within the Chengdu area. The main birds recorded in Nanguatan are Mallard, Spot-billed Ducks, Pin-tailed Duck, Ferruginous Pochard, Common Pochard, Northern Lapwing, Little Ringed Plover, Common Sandpiper, Common Greenshank, Black-winged Stilt, Common Cormorant. Led by an ApandaTour bird guide and nature teacher, we will show you the common winter birds and their living habitats, explore the relationship between birds, nature, and human beings to raise the awareness of protecting migrant birds and protect the common home of birds and human beings.


Common Migrant Birds in Nanguatan

Trip Targets

1. Acquire knowledge:From the perspective of animal behavior and ecology, we will observe the common winter migrant and resident birds know their possible causes leading to their migration, and learn the habitat environment of birds;

2. Learn skills : Learn how to use things like binoculars and bird field guides and improve our skills to observe and identify birds in the field;

3. Cultivate passion:Understand the migration and learn about the wisdom of birds to adapt to environmental change, and cultivate our curiosity and exploration power toward birds and nature;

4. Better behavior : Discussions about the relationship between migrant birds and ecological development as well as the impact of human beings on bird migration will help raise awareness of environmental protection in our daily lives.


Black-winged Stilt

Trip Highlights

1. Observe migrant birds in Nanguatan:Observe the different physical features between water birds and forest birds, learn the unique feeding method of plovers and explore the secret "weapons" of swans and ducks in swimming and flight;

2. Learn how to make nature notes:Learn how to record bird species we have seen and their habitats and share with teammates what you have learned from nature observation;

3. Scenario simulation for bird migration:Experience the real situation of migration and feel the strong surviving power in nature;

4. Nature forum on watching migrant birds : Group discussion about how to protect birds and wetlands, reach an agreement on bird-watching in the right way.


Bird migration games



 Tour Map

Half a Day Hour-by-hour Itinerary

08:45-09:00 Arrival confirmation.

09:00-09:40 Ice-breaking games and bird-watching introduction, get familiar with how to use the tools for bird-watching.

09:40-11:00 Learn about the habitat environment in Nanguatan, look for birds along the river beach including migrant, resident, and travel birds, and learn how to make natural notes.

11:00-11:50 On-spot imitation of bird migration, and group discussion on ways of protecting migrant birds, make our protection agreement on migrant birds.

11:50-12:00 Summarize and group photo.


Observation of migrant birds


1606791218136273 (1).jpg

Bella Zhang

A bilingual nature teacher, culture interpreter, guide for birds and mammals

Being born and nurtured in a Bai family in Dali of Yunnan Province, Bella has shown strong love and curiosity toward nature at a young age thanks to the excellent ecological environment in her hometown. She joined our company after graduation from Sichuan Agriculture University and became a nature guide for ecotour trips, which were planned for nature and wildlife lovers from home and abroad. She is widely respected and loved by her clients because of her fluent English, profound knowledge, and great service. In the past five years, she has traveled to most places in Yungui Plateau, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and mountains in southwest China and built up her rich knowledge in the birds, animals, and cultural resources in these areas. She is happy and good at sharing her knowledge. She hopes to help both old and young travelers of ApandaTour to seek fun from nature and enjoy it, reconnect themselves with nature.

Dates & Prices

Location:Nanguatan of Chengdu ( close to Forte Financial Island or next to New Century Global Center )

Dates:The first trip October 21, October 22, October 28, and October 29 in 2023. The trip can be customized, please contact us at info@apandatour.com

Target Participants:Family with children over 6 or children over 8 can participate alone

Trip Size:12-30 Pax, Minimum 10 pax

Trip Price:30USD/pax, same price for adults and children

The price includes: the charges for the service of teachers, program-designing charges, material preparation, bird-watching binoculars ( one binocular for each participant )

The price does not include: the transportation from the city proper to the bird-watching site, lunch, and any other item not specified as being included in the trip itinerary


Transportation:Arrive at the observation site on your own for families which need assistance from us, please contact us at info@apandatour.com.

Safety Measures:

1. All around process control and safety check before the start of the trip.

2. Staff with AHA first aid certificate and first aid kit during the whole trip.

3. Detailed rules and reminders for the trip and ensure all the participating parents and children know them.

4. Measures for epidemic prevention: we will prepare epidemic prevention materials such as surgery masks, pure alcohols, hand sanitizer, and thermometer. We will have a temperature check before the start of our trip activities.


Is there anything we need to pay special attention to during the trip?

We need to check your health code or your temperature before the start of the trip because of the pandemic problems. Throughout the trip, please pay attention to the protection of the riverbed beach and not to disturb birds. We also suggest you bring your drinking bottles and minimize your use of the bottled water. The trip will go on even if it drizzles, please prepare your raincoat. In times of heavy showers or other terrible weather that make our trip impossible to go on, we will inform you as early as possible before the trip.

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