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2 Days Eco-farming Experience at Anlong Village

2 Days Eco-farming Experience at Anlong Village

Age: 6+ Child with Family, 8+ alone

Date: May 27th-28th, 2023 Trip Code: HT001

Guide: Karen

Price: 90USD/pax

Trip Focus: Eco-farming experiences + Handicraft-making

Route: Self-driving to Anlong Village, Pidu District, Chengdu

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Now city children have been increasingly away from the land that nurtures us daily. Do they seldom come with the idea of where is the food from? How many steps does it take to become our food? In this trip, we bring our children to nature, to experience farming lives, and to feel the wisdom in a farming culture so that in the memory of our children, they still love the land and nature, and understand the relationship between human beings and nature.


Common Vegetables

ApandaTour launches this special farming experience trip with an aim to give the parents and children a chance to know the land at a close distance, learn the growth process of farming crops such as vegetables and rice, and participate in the actual farming works. In this way, we can understand the daily lives of farmers, how eco-farming works, and thus build up our sustainable life concept.


Eco-farming Experiences at Anlong Village in our Past Trips

Trip Targets

1. Acquire knowledge:By walking into the farming fields, we will get to know the common vegetables in Chengdu, observe farming crops at a close distance so that we can understand how the crops grow and how eco-farming works;

2. Gain skills:We learn how to do eco-farming by participating in making organic fertilizer and eco-enzyme, experiencing the fun of making handicrafts out of nature;

3. Cultivate love and build up a positive attitude:By experiencing the process of growth and learning about the wisdom of eco-farming, we feel the blessing and nurturing from nature. Thus we can build up a healthy habit of food and life;

4. Better behavior:Realize how difficult to grow crops, cherish the food and minimize our impact on the environment by taking a low-carbon lifestyle and take the lead in environmental protection.


Farming experiences activities of our past trips

Trip Highlights

1. Discover the farmlands:By walking into the farmlands, we get to know how vegetables are grown and how they look like in fields. By participating in the planting and picking vegetables, we experience authentic and pure farming life;

2. Learn how to cook:Taste seasonal vegetables and fruits, enjoy the fun of making food from a hands-on experience of grinding flours, sieving flours, making and steaming bread;

3. Making a handicraft from natural materials:Learn how to make a handbag, soap out of natural materials and feel the wisdom of traditional lifestyle;

4. Nature observation: Study birds, and ecological environment to complete our nature notes; observe insects and amphibians at night;

5. Camping in the field:Learn how to pitch a tent, and enjoy the fun of camping with mates, which is another way of being in nature.


Bird-watching experiences


Handicrafts from our past trips



Tour Map

Day 1:Little farmers from cities.

08:00-09:30 Self-driving to the appointed site (to be informed before the trip starts) in Anlong Village.

09:30-11:30 Getting to know each other through our ice-breaking games, discover farmlands by the planting and picking of vegetables in eco-farms.

11:30-13:30 Enjoy an organic lunch and an environment-friendly dish-washing method, free time.

13:30-14:30 Learn how to make organic fertilizer.

13:30-15:30 Learn how to make the environment-friendly enzyme.

15:30-17:30 Wheat processing from grinding to sieving, from making bread to steaming.

17:30-18:30 Enjoy dinner with the food you have worked.

18:30-19:30 Pitch a tent, parents and children work together to make their "home" to stay.

19:30-20:30 Night watch.

20:30-21:00 Complete your trip notes and share the surprises and harvests with participants.

21:00- Bedtime.


Freshly steamed bread

Day 2:Be a nature handicraft master.

07:30-08:00 Breakfast.

08:00-09:30 Birding along the riverway and making nature notes of bird-watching.

09:30-11:30 A romantic experience of fragrances: visit a vanilla garden and make a vanilla pouch.

11:30-13:00 Lunch and free time.

13:00-15:00 Handicraft-making(Handmade soap or other handicrafts).

15:00-15:30 Camping-closing ceremony and souvenir giving out.

15:30- Return home safely.


Making traditional fragrance pouch



Karen Lin

A family tour designer, nature educator, director, and co-founder of ApandaTour

Karen is a native of Chengdu. Before she started working in the field of natural education, she had worked in the field of foreign affairs and travel for over 15 years. From these work experiences, she built up her rich knowledge of trip management, becoming extremely skilled at process control, and trip details, always with passion and a sense of responsibility. From 2017, she started watching birds. And this has triggered off her love toward bird-watching from her inner world and brought her to a journey of bird-watching. She loves nature and excels at planning parent-child activities and nature trips. Now she has become a registered natural education teacher from China Nature Education Network. Fond of thinking, she is always full of energy to seek new creative ideas and learn new knowledge with a great willingness to share what she has found from her thinking. She is looking forward to meeting more and more people in nature.


Bill Zhang

A nature class designer, nature guide, and nature educator

Born in Zhangye of Gansu Province, Bill started his work in an NGO in China, specializing in children's education. He has a wide range of interests, loving bird-watching and enjoying board games. Bill is also familiar with video editing software. He likes making some creative and interesting video clippings with materials he has photographed during trips. After years of working in natural education, Bill becomes very skilled at class design and development. He has built up rich experiences of guiding outdoor activities from his frequent working in the field with students for natural experience and observation activities. He always makes use of any possible chance to go to nature in search of birds and wildlife to enrich his field experiences. Bill also holds AHA first-aid certificate.

Dates & Prices

Location:Anlong Village of Chengdu Pidu District

Dates:The first trip, May 27-28, June 3-4, and June 12-13 in 2023

Target Participants:Family with children above 8 or individual children above 10

Trip Size:20-30pax, Minimum 20

Trip Price:90USD/pax ( same price for adults and children ) 

The trip price includes: the meals during the trip, site rent, teachers for the trip, material preparation, and travel insurance.

The trip does not include: transportation, expenditure of personal nature, and any items not specified as being included in the itinerary. For families who need our assistance on transportation, please contact us at info@apandatour.com


Hotel Stay:For our camping, you need to bring your personal camping stuff such as a tent, and sleeping bags.

Transportation:Self-driving to the designated place (to be confirmed) or those who need assistance from us concerning transportation, please contact us at info@apandatour.com.

Food:Meals at local families with a balanced selection of meat and vegetable dishes. We provide purified water during the trip.

Safety Measures:

1. All around process control and safety check before the start of the trip.

2. Staff with AHA first aid certificate and first aid kit during the whole trip.

3. Detailed rules and reminders for the trip and ensure all the participating parents and children know them.

4. Measures for epidemic prevention: we will prepare epidemic prevention materials such as surgery masks, pure alcohols, hand sanitizer, and thermometer. We will have a temperature check before the start of our trip activities.


Why do you choose Anlong Village for this farming experience?

Firstly it is a beautiful small river-island formed by Zouma River and Dianzhan Stream. With grasses grown on both sides, the clear Zouma River winds its way by the side of the village. Secondly, Anlong Village is located in the heart of Chengdu Plain with a well-developed irrigation system, fertile land, abundant agricultural produces, and diligent people. It is the best place to understand what has turned Sichuan into an affluent place known as the Land of Abundance. Thirdly, it is the eco-farming in Anlong Village. In 2005, Chengdu Urban River Association launched their rural ecological experimental projects in Anlong Village to promote eco-farming. The family we work with is one of the members of the project. Up to now they still uphold the concept of eco-farming. They produce safe and healthy agricultural products including cooking oil and vegetables, help the community support agricultural development, and provide many education campaigns on agriculture with an aim to get more people to take an ecological, and environment-friendly way of life.

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