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1 Days Hike and Nature Observation in Mt. Qingcheng

1 Days Hike and Nature Observation in Mt. Qingcheng

Age: 7+ Child with Family, 9+ alone

Date: Apr.2nd, 2023 Trip Code: NT002

Guide: Cory

Price: 50USD/pax

Trip Focus: Hike with nature games in Mt. Qingcheng

Route: Self-driving to Mt. Qingcheng

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Mt. Qingcheng is the world heritage site and one of the four most famous Taoist mountains in China. In Spring, the tranquil gorges in Mt. Qingching are decorated with blossoming flowers and chirping birds. From the tree branches, you may find the beautiful Red-billed Blue Magpie singing with their long tails. On the roadside, you can find the elegant iris flowers bringing lives to both sides of the trail. By the side of a stream, you may see a lizard ( Sphenomorphus indicus ) enjoying the warm sunshine with its head up. On one of such charming spring days, you can join us during one weekend with your loved ones to enjoy the fun from hiking in nature, and appreciating the beauty of nature in the process of exploring and discovering out of your curiosity.


Primula chienii Fang——China Rare and Precious Plant, found in the valley of the Qingcheng gorges

This trip will be guided by an ApandaTour plant expert and a natural teacher. We will search for various wildflowers along an old trail winding through the forest and look for birds hopping freely between tree twigs. For your better enjoyment of the trip, we have carefully prepared some nature games intending to increase parent-and-child communication and make this trip a sweet spring memory.


Birds in the forests of Mt. Qingcheng

Trip Targets

1. Cultivate interests:As our slogan says, "To enjoy nature, and grow in nature", we go to nature to feel the spring, cultivate our curiosity, build up our wills to explore nature, and enjoy the fun brought by our nature games;

2. Learn knowledge:Learn the common wildflowers and birds in Mt. Qingcheng through the nature observation methods learned in this trip. We will also learn the forest ecological system, explore the historical and cultural buildings of Taoism and feel the harmonious unification between nature and culture;

3. Better behavior:Practice Leave No Trace and raise our awareness of ecological and environmental protection(Leave No Trace, or LNT in short, is an outdoor model started in the US, aiming at reminding people of trying their best to protect and maintain local ecological environment during their activities in nature).

4. Enhance parent-and-child relationship:Encourage children and parents to stay away from electric appliances, and increase communications and cooperation during parent-and-child games and nature observations.


Iris Flower

Trip Highlights

1. Be a nature observer:We feel the growth process of nature creatures, in our search and observation of the blossoming flowers such as corydalis flowers, primroses, and irises in Qingcheng gorges, and of hopping birds like Red-billed Blue Magpie and Rufous-capped Babbler;

2. Nature games in the forest:In our nature games, we will guide the participants on how to use their five senses such as eyes, nose, ears, and hands in the games, and get to know some flowers, trees, and little animals we encounter in Qingcheng gorges during the Springtime;

3. DIY your nature artwork:With their imagination and creativity, the children will create their nature work by hand-drawing or hand-making in a combination of art and nature;

4. Taiji Experience:Feel the charm of traditional Chinese Kongfu by practicing Taiji with relaxation.


Forest Nature Handcrafts



▲ Tour Map

One day hour-by-hour itinerary

08:00-10:00 Self-driving to a designated meeting place in Mt. Qingcheng.

10:00-12:00 Getting to know the new friends through our ice-breaking program. We will play interesting nature games on the way to know the natural environment in the forest. Along the hiking trail, we will search for various blossoming flowers, learn how to observe birds under the guidance of our nature teacher, and look for the resident and migrating birds in the forest. Through our nature names, you will experience the relationship between nature and human beings.

12:00-13:30 Lunch and rest.

13:30-14:00 Practice Qingcheng Taoist style Taiji and feel the Taoist way of building up the inner world.

14:00-16:00 Hike to Yuqing Palace to appreciate the Taoist architecture and its stone-carvings built-in Min Dynasty ( 1,368-1,644AD ), en route we can watch flowers, look for birds and make your nature handicraft.

16:00-16:30 Trip ends after descending to the meeting place at the mountain foot and drive home.


Hike along the boardwalk




A plant expert, photography teacher and snow mountain lover

Cory's love for plants and nature started from a very young age with rich knowledge and experiences on plant survey. During his study at Sichuan University, he started outdoor hiking. Out of his strong love for plants, he traveled to different parts of Sichuan and neighboring areas and photographed over one thousand plant species. He co-founder of some new plant species and new distribution of plants in Sichuan. Frequently, he is interviewed by the local newspaper, and TV stations. In one of the TV programs called To the West of Chengdu(Chengdu Plus), he showed some unique flowers in southwest China. Through his lens and sharing, he hopes to help more people to appreciate the beauty of plants.

Also as a snow mountain lover, Cory is one of the founders of an interest group called For the Snow Mountains to the West Chengdu and their activities have been reported by local TV stations many times.


Bill Zhang

A nature class designer, nature guide, and nature educator

Born in Zhangye of Gansu Province, Bill started his work in an NGO in China, specializing in children's education. He has a wide range of interests, loving bird-watching and enjoying board games. Bill is also familiar with video editing software. He likes making some creative and interesting video clippings with materials he has photographed during trips. After years of working in natural education, Bill becomes very skilled at class design and development. He has built up rich experiences of guiding outdoor activities from his frequent working in the field with students for natural experience and observation activities. He always makes use of any possible chance to go to nature in search of birds and wildlife to enrich his field experiences. Bill also holds AHA first-aid certificate.

Dates & Prices

Location:The valley to Yuanmin Palace and Yuqing Palace

Date:The first Trip April 1, the second trip April 2, the third trip April 8, the fourth trip April 9 in 2023. This trip can be customized.

Target Participants:Family with children above 7 or children above 9 alone

Trip Size:10-15 pax/trip, minimum 8 pax

Price:50USD/pax, same price for adults and children, for families, need transportation, please contact us at info@apandatour.com

The price includes:the service of teachers, office service charge, lunch, material preparation, and travel insurance

The price does not include:the two-way transportation from Chengdu to Qingcheng, any expenditure of personal nature, any item not specified as being included in the itinerary


Transportation:Self-driving or contact us to arrange transportation.

Food:Lunch at Taoist Restaurant at Yuanmin Palace, natural and light taste.

Safety Measures:

1. All around process control and safety check before the start of the trip.

2. Staff with AHA first aid certificate and first aid kit during the whole trip.

3. Detailed rules and reminders for the trip and ensure all the participating parents and children know them.

4. Measures for epidemic prevention:we will prepare epidemic prevention materials such as surgery masks, pure alcohols, hand sanitizer, and thermometer. We will have a temperature check before the start of our trip activities.


How many choices I have for transportation to Mt. Qingcheng?

You can choose the following: self-driving, or take a bullet train to Qingcheng Station and arrive at the meeting place by public bus, or you can also contact us to arrange private transportation for you.

How difficult is the hike in Mt. Qingcheng?

For the hiking route, there are dirt trails and stone-step walkways, it takes 40 minutes to 1 hour for the one-way hike. But the actual time we spend maybe longer because we will arrange nature games and observations along the way. Generally speaking, the hike is not so difficult for parents and children.

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