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Ancient Villages in Huizhou

With mountains standing around, Huizhou Ancient Villages are located in the bordering areas between three provinces namely Anhui, Zhejiang, and Jiangxi, and mainly refer to villages in Huangshan City of south Anhui Province. Due to the restriction of streams and mountains, the layout of Huizhou ancient villages take many shapes because of the actual topography: there are plank-shaped villages located in the middle of a small basin, or a linear village built along a river or a mountain range or mountain flat, while most villages are a combination of both shapes.

Huizhou ancient villages are the representative masterpiece of Hui-style architecture and an artistic combination of beautiful natural environments and architecture by residents. They are also a reflection of the beautiful natural scenery by the residents living here in the past. In 2000, Anhui Xidi Ancient Village and Hongcun Ancient Village were included as world heritage sites by UNESCO. Being praised as families living in paradise, they are.


Huizhou ancient villages built along mountains and rivers


A horse headwall(corbie-step) in Huizhou ancient architecture


A close-up look at the Horse Head Wall


A view of an ancient village in distance

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