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Danba Tibetan Village

Danba, which means town on a rock in the Tibetan language, is located in east Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. It is a place where several mountains converge including Bayankela Mountains and Qionglai Mountains. From here, the river which flows across the town, get its name Daduhe. Thus Danba is known as the first town along the Daduhe River. By utilizing the local materials, Danba Tibetan villages were built with stones and woods, making the best use of the mountain slope and matching well with the surrounding environment. In 2005, Danba Tibetan villages were selected as No. one of the 6 most beautiful villages in China by China National Geography.

Looking steady, natural, and elegant, Danba Tibetan houses in the village mostly consists of two floors. The first floor is used for animals and utility room while the second floor is used for humans with big rooms as living room, kitchen and bedroom, small rooms as a storage room and stairs. If there is a third floor, it is always used as a prayer-chanting room and drying ground.


Natural and Geographical Environment in Danba Tibetan Village


A view of Danba Tibetan village in the distance


Watchtowers once used for defense purpose


Tibetan villages at a close view

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