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Traditional Tibetan Houses in Daofu 

By integrating painting, sculpture, carving, and building into one architecture, Daofu Tibetan Houses in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province is a wooden structure featuring strong Tibetan and local flavor, and a typical example of traditional Tibetan architecture with strong cultural and religious elements.

Commonly known as Bengke, Daofu Tibetan houses have frames made of logs and walls built with mud or stone pieces. The solid structure of the Daofu Tibetan houses enables them to resist strong earthquakes. The exterior of the houses is dominated mainly by two colors with brown color for the wooden part and white for roof and walls, decorated with the red and blue patterns between the two major colors. This matches well with the blue sky and white clouds, which commonly appear in the West Sichuan Plateau, and becomes a perfect example of unifying the diligence and intelligence of local Tibetans with the natural environment.


 A bird-view of Daofu Tibetan Houses


Huiyuan Monastery in Daofu County

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