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Xijiang Miao Over-A-Thousand-Households Villages 

Xijiang Over-A-Thousand-Households Miao Village is located at the mountain of Leigong Mountain in northeast Leigong County of Qiandongnnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province. With mountains standing at both sides of the village and a river flow through the village, the gigantic village has over 1000 Miao family houses closely built together on the hillside of 10 inter-connected hills. With a history of over 600 years, Xijiang Miao Village has a total population of over 6000 people from over 1400 households, of which 99.5% are Miao ethnic minority people. Being known for their hospitality, simplicity, diligence, and wisdom, the Miao people here still uphold their traditional way of farming. So this place can be called an open-air museum for those who hope to understand the Miao ethnic culture.


Xijiang Miao Village


Miao Dances

The specialties of the village

Unique Stilted Buildings and Wind-Rain Bridges

Sitting on the valley floor and by the riverside, Xijiang Miao Village shows the great wisdom of the Miao people in their craftsmanship in making the best use of the special topography by matching their architectures perfectly with the environment to fully utilize the land resources available. To hit this goal, they invented a special Miao architecture——the stilted houses. Over a thousand stilted houses, which were built on the hillside, one next to another, and row upon row, form a spectacular view of houses.

Another specialty of Miao architecture is the wind-rain bridge, which is built on a river with pavilions and towers as an important line of communication. It is named so because the passersby can take it as shelter from rain and wind.


Miao Dances

Unique Ethnic Songs, Dances, and Costumes

Being extremely good at singing and dancing, Miao people sing Miao songs in their language accompanied with unique Miao traditional dances. The famous Miao dances are Bronze Drum Dance, High Lusheng (a reed pipe wind instrument) Performance, and Wooden Drum Dance.

With a total of 13 national intangible heritage items, the Miao-dominated Leishan County is famous for Miao costumes, and various silver-made items including bracelets, rings, earrings, and hair buns. They show the broad imagination and extraordinary craftsmanship developed from many generations.


Miao Costume

Unique Miao Gourmet

Miao has its own unique food culture. The long table feast has a history of over 1000 years and still prevails in celebrations like agriculture harvests, wedding ceremonies, and grand celebrations like Miao new year. Being fond of sour taste, Miao people enjoy a great variety of sour-taste food such as Sour Soup Fish. Other famous foods of the Miao people are Guzang Pork, Liao Chicken Congee, and Miao Bacon. Miao people also have a long tradition of making rice wine. This tradition is shared by all Miao people because all the Miao families make their family rice wine


Miao Songs

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