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Hani Terraced Rice Fields

Known as the most beautiful hillside land-art in China, Honghe Hani Terraced Rice Fields is located in Honghe Hani and Yi Ethnic Minorities Autonomous Prefecture and was inscribed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2013. The Hani terraced rice fields in Yuanyang County are the core part of the heritage. The terraced rice fields are made from the hillside with a maximum of 3000 terraces. The magnificent view of the terraced fields has attracted countless travelers from home and abroad to come here to visit.

With a history of over 1300 years, Hani terraced rice fields are a masterpiece of Hani people from their diligence and intensive farming for many generations. These fields show a high degree of harmony between people and the environment from the perspective of visual sight and ecology. The Hani people invented a complex but complete irrigation and farming system, which inducts water from the higher part of the hill into different terraces and allows them to combine different farming including water buffaloes, ducks, and fish. With the help of the system, the Hani people produce nutritious rice called Red Rice.


A View of Hani Terraced Rice Fields


A View of Hani Terraced Rice Fields


A View of Hani Terraced Rice Fields

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