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Labahe Nature Reserve

1. General Information

Sitting at the transitional area between West Sichuan Plateau and Chengdu Plain, Labahe Nature Reserve is located to the east side of Erlang Mountain and in the core area of the West China Rainy Zone. With abundant rainfall, lush vegetation, and sufficient sunshine, Labahe Nature Reserve features a typical subtropical humid climate and is the home to the main protected mammals such as Giant Panda, Lesser Panda, and Sichuan Takin.


The Natural Scenery on the Top of Jiaoshan Peak

2. The Natural Resources in Labahe Nature Reserve

Thanks to the superior natural conditions, Labahe Nature Reserve enjoys diverse and abundant natural resources including some rare and precious plants such as Davidia involucrata(Chinese Dove Tree), Taxus chinensis(Chinese Yew), Cercidiphyllum japonicum(Katsura Tree), Phoebe zhennan, and Ginkgo biloba as well as some class one and class two protected animals such as Giant Panda, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Lesser Panda, Sichuan Takin, Sambar Deer, Musk Deer, Tibetan Macaque, Rhesus Macaque, and Mandarin Duck. Almost every day at dusk, herds of wild Sambar Deer come down from the forest to lick salt on the ground behind our hotel. The deer, the hotel, and the dining people inside the hotel restaurant make a sweet picture of coexistence between humans and wildlife.


Davidia involucrata also called Chinese Dove Tree, is a relict plant endemic to China


Berneuxia thibetica, a plant species endemic to southwest China


Wild Lesser Panda in Labahe Nature Reserve


Sambar Deer coming from the mountains at night


Lady Amherst's Pheasant, a national class two key protected wildlife


Mrs. Gould's Sunbird, a shining bird in the reserve

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