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Foping Nature Reserve

1. General Information

Foping National Nature Reserve is located in Foping County on the south side of Qingling Mountain in Shaanxi Province. As the key distribution area of Giant Panda, Foping Nature Reserve has one panda for every 2.5 square kilometers, accounting for one-third of the total Giant Panda population in Qingling Mountain, and ranking first in China in terms of Giant Panda Population density. Here you have the highest chance of encountering a wild panda in China, and it is the birthplace of the brown Giant Panda.


Foping Panda Valley

2. The Natural Resources in Foping Nature Reserve

The nature reserve enjoys four distinctive seasons with temperate and humid climate conditions and abundant bio-resources. Besides Giant Panda, there are numerous other rare and precious species living in the reserve. It is a paradise for these animals to live and breed. Here you can find a number of wildlife species under the national key protection such as Golden Takin, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Chinese Goral, Reeve Montjac's Deer, Crested Ibis, Golden Eagle, Golden Pheasant, Blood Pheasant, and Koklass Pheasant.


It is said that Golden Snub-nosed Monkey expresses their love by grooming hair. The photo was taken in Foping Nature Reserve


Golden Pheasant, According to legend, partially making the image of Phoenix


Temminck's Tragopan, also nicknamed Infant Pheasant because its calls sound like infant-weeping


Mrs. Gould's Sunbird, nectar-sucking expert


Hwamei, once famous caged birds, has been included as national key protected birds in 2021

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